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{LBJ.Photography} by Holly James

{Q:} The first question I always get asked is: What does LBJ stand for?

{A:} The answer is not glamorous or complicated, it was just a nickname {“Lady Bird” James} that started at the time that I began “professionally” marketing myself as a photographer. It was the first nickname I had outside of Holly-berry, Hollywood, Jolly Holly, & any other Christmas thing you could think of. Too bad Hollyhood is not a good professional name, although it does tend to make me chuckle.

{Q:} Why are the photos & sessions so economically priced compared to other local photographers?

{A:} First off, I have a second job, although I would love to spend all my time with the photography business, I know that these first few years that will not be possible. That being said, it helps you the customer because it is not my sole income. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want anyone and everyone to have access to beautiful photographs of their families & events. Quality photographs are not only for those with expendable incomes.

I remember my Senior year of high school and choosing not to have portraits made because there were no affordable photographers in my area. I want those kids who are now in that situation to have an opportunity to feel good, look great, & have that special experience with a photographer spending time with just them.

I offer a variety of discounts and payment plans to make sure that EVERYONE has an opportunity to use my services.

{Q:} LBJ.Photography is a new business, but how long have you been a photographer?

{A:} I [Holly James] have been photography people, places, & objects since 1994. Now the first decade started rough but practice, time, and technological developments have really improved my techniques. The first thing I ever bought with my own hard earned money was a Minolta 35mm camera. I was a fourth grader working Friday nights at the Catholic fish fry and Bingo hall. Compared to actual jobs I had later in life, I was really paid to sit there and look cute while the lady next to me took the orders. But, nevertheless it paid $20 a night & soon I had my very own camera to capture every move of our cats and the occasional shot of the floor.

{Q:} Do you have a degree in photography?

{A:} No, not specifically photography. I graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN with a degree in Studio Art. With a wide variety of artist medium training I am better equipped to customize your photographs. Need props built, Done. A custom graphic designed album, Done. You name it, I’ll find a way to make it happen!

Have a question that you’d like answered email me or leave a comment on the site. I’ll answer it and share it with the class…


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