April 14 2012- Overton Park

2012 Flyer : Overton Park Sessions


A great way to fit in family photos with a busy schedule.

A few times a year, LBJ Photography will schedule “mini-sessions.” These are 20 minute photo shoots at a predetermined location, where multiple families can make an appointment to have portraits made without the formality of a portrait studio. It may consist of a day at the park or riding bikes in a quiet scenic neighborhood.


These sessions are by far my favorite to capture! WHY? Every time I look through my family photo album there are hundreds of pictures of my sisters and I at birthdays, the zoo, before prom, or just playing outside but my MOM was never in them. Not in the background, not posing with the group because she was the one taking the photos.

As I get older I wish more and more that I had photos of how I interacted with my parents as a group and that would not be possible unless we had an outside photographer on the scene. INSPIRED by this dilemma I’ve started the Family Day Out Session Package .

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